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IT Moves & Relocations

We understand the critical importance of efficient IT Moves. We’ll take care of everything, from telephones to servers…

CMS provides professional IT Moves & Relocation services to clients in Cambridge, the UK and overseas. Working with our IT partners we cover every aspect of your move. From project and service provider management, handling and packaging of sensitive equipment, through to re-commissioning and thorough testing of equipment, our experienced team will ensure a streamlined IT move into your new premises.

CMS understands that your IT and telecommunication systems are vital to your working day, and that your IT Relocation is pivotal to the success of your business move. Our experts will work with your internal department or appointed supplier during every step of your IT move to ensure a seamless process and minimal disruption and downtime to your business.

Our experts begin the process by compiling user data information and testing of systems prior to disconnection. As part of your IT relocation our team will plan the phasing of the re-connection and telecoms equipment in line with your departmental and business needs.

Our IT packing materials have been specially designed for IT relocation projects and we use Air-ride vehicles to ensure the safe transit of your systems.

Server & Data Relocations

Main server relocation is highly technical and requires specialist knowledge of the technology, combined with business relocation expertise. The consequences of not relocating this vital and delicate equipment correctly can result in major disruption to your business and additional costs to resolve the issues.

CMS works with server and data relocation specialists to ensure this important part of your business relocation is carried out seamlessly as part of your overall move.

Services included in our IT moves:

  • IT de-commissioning, relocatoin and re-commissioning
  • IT audit and consultation with your IT Management team
  • Cable management services
  • Photography of your server to establish cabling configuration before the move
  • Identification of new equipment to be procured
  • Rationalisation of redundant equipment
  • Network patching and auditing
  • Creation of execution plan integrated at the time of the move
  • Creation of layout of the new cabinet at the new location
  • Relocation of the server utilising padded IT equipment and crates
  • Transition server via an air ride suspension vehicles to ensure the safety of the server
  • Reconnection of server at its new location prior to powering up

“The move went very well thanks. All the removal guys / IT guys were excellent and did a brilliant job. They stayed late until everything was complete (especially IT guys) which was a big help and made the move go very smooth.
Thank you very much for a great service and thank the team!!”
IT Manager
Nationwide Produce PLC