Mobile Generations Event Well Received

Response to the recent “Mobile Generations” event hosted by COEL Office Furniture and Orangebox has been very positive.  The event looked at the way in which mobile technology is affecting the workplace, and how forward thinking manufacturers are providing office furniture solutions to deal with the challenges this presents.

Held at The Moller Centre in Cambridge, the event was well attended by a cross section of businesses including ARM, Cambridge News, the Judge Business School, Price Bailey and Cambridge Assessment.

Following a lively networking session, Jim Taylour, Senior Ergonomist at Orangebox presented findings from his recently published white paper which shares insights from his research into the changing office landscape.  A Q&A session followed after which attendees were encouraged to view and try out the latest Orangebox products from their “Away from the Desk” range.  This range addresses the needs of the changing workplace through office furniture solutions designed for both collaborative and personal work spaces.


Some of the findings from recent Orangebox/Active Ergonomics research:


131 million working days were lost in the UK to sickness in 2011, and musculoskeletal disorders such as back pain, neck pain, and upper body problems contributed to most.  Learning to touch type can alleviate a number of postural issues at the workstation, along with frequent changes in posture such as standing while you work.


The side effects of using mobile technology contribute to 1 in 10 visits to the GP. Those in the 25 – year age range, plus or minus five years, now have a three times higher incidence of neck pain, as adults in the 55 – year age range. Learn to limit texting & emails and meet friends face to face. Make fitness and exercise part of your life and introduce goals with your manager as part of your personal objectives.


Ill-fitting set-ups and lack of movement can accelerate the onset of fatigue at the desk, while sharing a workstation amplifies the problem. Suitable equipment and sufficient training, which go beyond the minimum in terms of ease of use, range of adjustment and comfort, should be provided to improve health and productivity.


To find out more about the Mobile Generations study and how the latest office furniture solutions can contribute to general wellbeing in the workplace, please contact Richard Blount on 01223 357 777 or